CER Logic, Operations and Funding

The Commons Economy Roadmap is based on a series of procedures but the main mechanism at its core is simple: a positive feedback loop between CER and the projects it features.

The core proposition here is that CER can generate tangible value for the projects it promotes, and for this reason a project should be interested in financing its operations -see next section for details- given this central logic:

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Being featured and promoted on CER is not something that can be bought. The criteria are set by the body behind the protocol — our team for now, a federation of experts and organizations eventually —and the projects for Iteration 1 are already decided (as seen in the projects table in the previous section).

By "Iterations," we mean that: for Iteration 1 (January to June 2024), we selected 20 projects and will promote them in the previously mentioned ways; for Iteration 2 (July to December 2024), we will expand both the number of projects featured and the curators of the process, in modalities that we will define with whoever is interested in supporting the project during Iteration 1 (from now on IT1) through open community calls from march 2024.