The Commons Economy Roadmap (CER) is a knowledge base and promotion protocol to highlight and empower what we consider to be among the most relevant 20 projects in the current economic juncture: companies and ecosystems that are building open infrastructures to regenerate society, to support the struggle of citizens, farmers, activists, scientists, tech experts and entrepreneurs on the ground at the dawn of global collapse.

The most relevant 20 projects in the current economic juncture.Commons Economy Roadmap core elements

Knowledge Base:

We have been gathering knowledge on the featured projects so that anyone interested in learning more about them can do so in an accessible way. What's more important, following a co-research approach, anybody may provide relevant knowledge (third-party sources, their own analysis, contextual information) and we'll consider adding it to the pool.

Promotion Protocol:

In November and December 2023 we planned a 6 months calendar (January-June) of social media activity about the projects to spread knowledge and update the community about them. We will publish blog articles, papers, videos and podcasts. They will be produced in part by CCA -often in collaboration with partners- and in part by sharing existing material both from third sources and the projects themselves. This will allow our trusted network of experts to participate in our curation process.