CER Embeddedness in Partner Ecosystems

The goal of this first iteration is understanding if CER makes sense in its current design, what should be changed according to the signals we'll receive and what are the best revenue streams to focus on for the future thriving and evolution of the project.

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Since it's important to us to conceive CER as an autonomous entity which can sustain itself, it's relevant to point out that its operations are intrinsically related to those of other partners which it stems from —first of all, being a research/promotional project launched by the Crypto Commons Association team .

In the last two years, the CCA has hosted around 8 large events (on Crypto Commons, ReFi, CoFi, SolarPunk and Generative AI) involving many of the projects featured in CER and the network of experts working in and around them —on average, 40 people per 5-7 days of event.

These events took place in the Commons Hub , co-working, co-living and event venue in the Austrian Alps that harbours artists, digital movements and decentralized communities exploring the liberatory potential of emerging technologies.

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These two projects have been fueling each other’s evolution and now maintain a symbiotic relationship, an obvious ecosystem of onboarding and engagement around the themes and practices of Commoning, in a Cosmolocal perspective.

We are surely going to collaborate with other projects researching around blockchain4good and the Commons Economy; third parties frameworks will be used to better evaluate the featured projects as well.

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For example we’re partnering with Mechanism Institute led by Ori Shimony, but other initiatives which have already shaped our knowledge —some of them featured in CER themselves— are: Informal Systems , BlockScience , Commons Stack , Token Engineering Commons , P2P Foundation , Prime DAO , Boundaryless , Economy for the Common Good . The Commons Economy Roadmap is meant to be another element in this scheme, bringing attention to the main stakeholders of the group —the most interesting and successful projects of the space, which we constantly engage with for events, projects, mutual support and development.