Why should a project finance CER?

I) Higher Focus in IT1

A percentage of what we will publish in the six months of IT1 has already been programmed, covering all the involved projects, but a significant portion of it will be determined by how much these projects will support CER, according to the two tiers indicated in the picture: contributions of 500 or 1000 euros will grant 1 or 2 extra materials on demand, beyond the one which is granted for every project in the list regardless of contributions.

For IT1, supporting CER in this sense will be possible for projects up to the end of February 2024.

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II) Consolidating a useful infrastructure for the whole ecosystem

CER projects are open infrastructures that are structurally more cooperative than traditional economic participants such as firms and startups, with the same objective of creating a distributed global economy using open protocols.

We think that CER may become a beneficial collective infrastructure for such an ecosystem, and that the more projects that support it, the better the promotion effects and the lower the marginal cost for the individual project.

After 15 months of planning with our community, we concluded that the most efficient way to initiate this project is to just launch the CER experiment and see the outcome and responses, rather than waiting for complete clarity and assured midterm funding. We are thus thankful to the partners who agreed and will agree on financing IT1 activities, taking this risk and accepting the challenge, while realizing that such an experiment takes at least many months of testing to be carried out meaningfully and without profitability pressure.